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LION (Panthera leo)



Family: Felidae. 

Gender: Panthera (5 species). 

Description: Height in the cross 3' 3'' . Weight between 220 and 440 lbs. They have, big head with an ocher color skin, provided of a black or blond mane. Females have smaller size and they lack mane. 

Habitat: Arboreal and bushy savanna areas, and in deserted places. 

Gestation: 3 and a half months. 2 or 3 breedings. 

Longevity: 15 years old (up to 24 in captivity). 

Subspecieses: 7. 

  • Angola Lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi). In danger 
  • Asian Lion (Panthera leo persica). In danger 
  • Masai Lion (Panthera leo massaieus). 
  • Senegalese Lion (Panthera leo senegalensis). In danger 
  • Transvaal Lion (Panthera leo krugery). In danger 
  • Berbería Lion (Panthera leo leo). Extinct 
  • Lion of "The Cape" (Panthera leo malanochiata). Extinct 

Because of their vigor and their predators habits, the lion has been considered during centuries like the king of the animals. It hunts at evening and it feeds mainly on herbivore animals. It can reach in career, a speed of 49.7 mph.


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