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ELEPHANT (Loxodonta africana)



Gender: Loxodonta. 

Description: It is a big sized proboscidean provided with a long trunk and with their very developed incisive which constitute the eyeteeth. Each eyetooth can weigh 165 lbs. Its head is solid provided with big ears. 

Distribution: Whole Africa, south of the Sahara's desert 

Habitat: Wooded and bushy savanna areas, in forests and sub-deserted areas. always near the water. 

Gestation: 21 and a half months. 1 single breeding. 

Longevity: 80 years. 

Elephants can daily consume up to 660 lbs. of vegetables. They reproduce well in captivity. The new born ones, measure 3' 3'', and they weigh 220 lbs. They can reach a speed of 25 mph.


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